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Making the switch to e-cigs

Making the Switch?

Smoking is one of the most frequent adult behaviours in the UK today, but with the help of e-cigs, smokers can cut down or completely stop smoking completely.

Depending how much you smoke will depend on how easy for you to move over to vaping, the best way to make the switch is generally to swap gradually rather than do what’s called a cold turkey (meaning you stop smoking altogether), this has the lowest success rate of around 5% of people that try this method do not succeed. Of course this is can differ from person to person, some people can move to vaping quickly and others it can take some time.

It might be best that if you want to move away from cigarettes all together then choosing a flavour that doesn’t resemble the taste of tobacco maybe an option for you, but some people like to stick with tobacco flavour, menthol is also a good starting flavour and when you start getting used to vaping you can try more exotic flavours.

Things to make notes of if you are moving from smoking to vaping

  • There is an e-cigarette for pretty much anyone. When you first start vaping you may not have or know the ideal e-cig until you try it. Not all smokers use the same brand of cigarettes, and this analogy carries over to e-cigs. Not all e-cigs are suited to all vapers. It may take a few different e-cigs to find the right one for you.

  • The first few times you vape you will most likely cough this is completely normal when you are first starting out as vaping is different from smoking and generally feels thicker than inhaling smoke. There is no need to worry as this should pass within the first few days.

  • Aside for coughing you may also experience a dry mouth and nose when first starting out, this is also completely normal as it can take time for your body to adjust and the best option is to have some water with you when you start vaping which should ease the dry nose and mouth.

  • It can take time to get used to something new especially if you have been doing it for years. Some people can more straight to vaping while others will cut down over time.

  • Vape like a vaper, not a smoker. If you are new to vaping then this can be confusing at first, unlike cigarettes where you can puff harder and get more smoke this is not the case with an e-cig as it needs time to produce vapour so take slow and steady puffs to allow your vaping device to produce vapour.

  • Since you can take you e-cig anywhere with you it can be tempting to keep taking a draw when you feel like it and if you have a higher nicotine level then it may cause side effects. What are the side effects of vaping too much nicotine? Some mild side effects are similar to smoking too much, and that pass just as quickly: typically a headache, mild nausea, or dizziness. If you experience and of these side effects while vaping stop and wait for these to pass. If this happens every time you vape, the chances are your nicotine strength is too high.

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