what is vaping

New to Vaping?

Vaping in a modern world is in basic terms a new way of smoking and has increased in popularity in the past few years, so what is vaping I hear you ask. Well vaping is a broad term in its self but refers to the vape that you often see when someone is vaping, however it can also be used to describe the device someone is using which are called vaping devices or e-cigarettes and there are a few different components that make up a vaping device:

Drip tip

This is the part you inhale from


This is where the e-liquid is stored


The coil is used to heat up the e-liquid you can have a look here for how to change your coil (this may vary depending on the device you have)

Battery / Regulated mod

This is the part of the device that is used to power the coil, the battery capacity is often referred to as milliamps per hour (mAh) and the power of your device is shown as Watts (W) or Volts (V)

These are the basic components that make up an e-cig, now let’s have a look at the type of devices you can use, there are many different types of vaping devices and no matter if your and experienced vaper or just starting there is a device for you.

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